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The Bay Area's first comprehensive workshop-integrated opera production company is gearing up for its inauguration!




Four stunning scenes which showcase the Prodigal Opera Theatre and its unique take on operatic repertory:

I. Erbarme dich (JS BACH, St Matthew Passion)
   Peter denies Jesus a third time, fulfilling the

    tragic prophecy. While he weeps, Mary                                   Magdalene begs for God's mercy.

II. Godfather Death (CONRAD SUSA, Transformations)
   Anne Sexton describes death as a state of sexual

    frustration, coming closer and closer to release.

III. TBD, work in progress
   A yet-to-be-determined scene from a work in

    progress by a leading living composer of opera

                 is staged and sung.

IV. Dans le noir (OLIVIER MESSIÆN, Fin des Temps)
           After hearing the Revelatory trumpets                    

     announcing the end of time, a woman finally      

      succumbs to madness and commits suicide,    

       accosted by images. Her death is haloed in 

                       an apotheosis of eternity.



A look into our ground-breaking Workshop Programme gets you up close and personal with the intricate process of creating new drama.

Through the interpretive powers of the Bay Areas leading vocal, theatrical and musical talents, a brand new libretto is put through its paces:

Different sections of the libretto are set to music. The text is revised under the guidance of POW's edifying manuel. The revised libretto is set again by the same composers. These back-to-back settings are performed for the enjoyment and education of the opera-loving community. It is our hope to demonstrate, by these simple means, the incredible value the workshop process holds for opera and why it is so desperately needed.



A celebration to jumpstart our inaugural 2016 season with champagne, hors d'æuvres and lots of singing!  

Come join us for a glass of bubbly as we recapitulate our Overture Season and toast the inception of what we, together, will shape into a Bay-Area institution of operatic excellence.


How can I help?

With your support, there are many more exciting projects in POP's future. Won't you consider making a tax-deductible donation today?

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