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FOSTER a community of theatrical artists that they may be a creative force in shaping the cultural landscape.


ORGANISE high-quality productions of musico-theatrical works which cast new light on old gems and showcase new diamonds in the rough which continue the operatic lineage.


REANIMATE a vivid culture of theatre which makes the opera house the temple in which one may find rejuvenation through the metaphysical power of art, myth and music.


GENERATE a healthy and prolific body of new works to add to the architecture of our common operatic legacy.


EDUCATE the community at large in history, politics, and, especially, the central importance of the musical arts in the shared life of the human family.



Prodigal Opera Productions is a non-profit organisation which workshops, produces, and provides outreach for new musical dramas and their interpreters, and which seeks to enrich artistic dialogue through the reanimation of an opera culture in contemporary life.



The Prodigal Opera Theatre (POT) produces annually, at least one musical theatrical work including opera, classical musical theatre, passion plays, ballet, mixed media, and experimental theatre. In each production, POT endeavours to enrich the local arts culture by providing a perspective which increases understanding of a work, its historical relevance, and contemporary intersubjectivity.
           Each production is accompanied by an educational lecture designed to illuminate the particular enrichment potential of a given work. Sometimes, these lectures resemble pre-concert talks, sometimes full series with guest speakers, and colloquia.



The Prodigal Opera Workshop (POW) provides an environment for composers, librettists, stage producers, singers, and dancers to hone their craft. A portion of the works progressed during workshops are produced in full or in part during a concurrent or a supervenient season.

Prodigal Opera Productions provides community outreach as part of its mission of cultural enrichment; these include educational programmes in local schools, community activities, and educational lectures or conferences—all with the underlying purpose the re-invigoration of operatic (more correctly “musico-theatrical”) cultural norms.

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